Demo Controls
Arrow keys to move, 
Z to jump, X to attack.

The Levelmancer Asset Pack provides a charming and colorful set of sprites that'll help you make your platformer game come to life.

Assets were made by me! I'm Sam of MashArcade, an artist and coder who uses GameMaker and thinks you should be making games, too!

This pack has over 150 unique sprite frames within:

  • 3 Backgrounds
  • 6 Building Elements
  • 4 Characters
    • The Levelmancer
    • The Apprentice (intended as the player)
    • Eye Booger enemy
    • Fly Booger enemy
  • 7 Effects
  • 7 Environment Objects
  • 10 Items 

Animations are provided in both .gif and separate .png images! For an entire list of what's included, click here!

The Levelmancer

A Levelmancer is an experienced mage who is an expert in using magic to create levels! This particular Levelmancer is getting ready to retire, and is looking to take on an apprentice under his wing to start their Levelmancer training. 

The Levelmancer's Apprentice

The Levelmancer's apprentice is in training to become a Levelmancer themself! Young, inexperienced, and ready to do the heavy lifting. The Levelmancer's Apprentice is oftentimes subjected to the rigors of a level... for testing purposes, of course. 

Eye Boogers

Eye Boogers sometimes just show up uninvited in your levels! Where did they come from? Who knows, but they're super gross so they're not generally welcome. This pack has a floor booger and a flying one! Ew!

The Levelmancer is always hard at work, so stay tuned for many more elements coming in future updates.

This pack is a work-in-progress, so make sure to tell me what you think; I'll continue to develop and update this pack with your help, so sound off in the comments!

You may use these assets in both personal or commercial projects. You may also modify these assets however you need to. However, you may not resell or re-distribute these assets.

Make sure to show me what you've made, I'd love to see your projects!

StatusIn development
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Made withGameMaker
TagsAsset Pack, Colorful, Cute, fun, GameMaker, levelmancer, pixel, Pixel Art, Simple


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