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Have you ever been making a top-down game in GameMaker: Studio 2 and wondered how to add a mechanic so you can climb, jump, and scale obstacles, mountains, or landscapes? Now you can!

The simple, commented code in this project file contains everything you need to be able to move and climb on terrain in a top-down perspective.  Take a look! 

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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Hi there! Would it be possible with this framework to do floating platforms? I want to draw bridges from one hill to another which the player should be able to pass underneath. Furthermore I would want it to be solid so it would stop a jump if the player collides along the z axis from underneath. Thank you!

hiya! do you recommend this for me, i have owned gms2 for a while now but cant say i have learnt in it anything or made anything but would like to learn, or would it be very overkill for me? Thank you!

is this all object based? How did you build the "level" for this?


It is object based, yes! It could be adapted to work on tiles or by storing data into grids, but that is out of the scope of this asset.


Hi there, I have the GMS 1.4 version.  I was wondering  if you could provide an update or new asset or even just a quick explanation here about how I should go about adding ramps to this asset? I currently have a system in place that works, however it is a bit buggy and janky looking.

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Edit: given it is basically the same as the version I have, I do recommend this asset to anyone who wants to get a good start on a not so overly complicated take on 2.5d collisions and platforming 😀. Surely there are solutions with more features (such as ramps or multi collisions), but first you have to understand 2.5d (no easy task) with nicely commented code which this one has, and even then, more featured versions might be overkill for many projects. It is well worth the price for something that works and is quick to understand and apply.

Old comment: Would you please also add it to GMmarket? It is more convenient because it automatically loads into the libraries. I own the gms1.4 version, are there any new features or it ajusts the project to GMS2? Thanks in advance


Hi there! For personal reasons, I chose Itch over the Marketplace for this updated asset. It is the same as the 1.4 version there with updated graphics and polish.


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Is this version compatible with GMS 1.4 too or  would you recommend to buy the one at the Markerplace?

Is there any improvement in the code?

Thanks! :)

Hello and thanks for the question! This is for GameMaker:Studio 2. For 1.4, check out the Marketplace asset. No code changes have been made, this version just has a bit better quality sprites.